7'2" Vouch Nuevo

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7'2" x 21 3/8" x 2 5/8"

-lavender tint-

Once we realised just how good our new Mid Vish felt, with it’s updated bottom contours, we realised we better apply the same principle to an updated version of our ever popular Evo. A New Evo. A Nuevo.

Our original Evo was a classic amalgamation of everything we’d been doing with our boards since we began. High rails in the nose, through to neutral, then low through the tail. Slight belly in the nose, through to a rolled tee through the tail. But with more neutral and forgiving, fuller rails through the middle. We wanted people to be able to enjoy the feeling we were having with our more intensely rolled bottom boards, but be able to ride the board is less than stellar waves that so often plague our more southern based neighbours. It’s still a relevant design today as many people will attest to, with it’s super appealing outline and foil.

Now of course everything can always be made better, so we set about making a slightly more performance based Evo with side bites (as so many people request). The new bottom contours allow a much more powerful approach from the tail, but the rolled bottom and up turned rails in the nose, still allow for the board to be surfed well forward when the waves cry out for it. A board that will handle ANY type of wave and be able to be surfed by ANY level of surfer. That’s what Paul’s shapes are all about, being easy to ride no matter the skill level.

Think more drawn out, swoopy style turns, but still able to pivot higher up in the wave with the added benefit of a tight fin cluster. The blended double concave that sits in between the 2 x side fins, coupled with the rolled tee that runs throughout the tail, allows the rider to gain lift when over the tail, but still able to push off the rail while the vee is engaged when on rail. Best of both worlds.

LAYUP: 6oz bottom with fin patch, 1 x 6oz and 1 x 4oz deck.


Comes with 7" VOUCH FLEX FIN and side bites.