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Mid Length, Mini Mal, Thruster -

A couple of months ago, with the impending doom of a wave starved Spring/Summer season looming, my mind drifted to a place of higher wave counts without the need to ride a longer board. I’ve always been a staunch rider/believer in performance-based thruster Mini Mals, but sometimes when that wave period is under say 8 seconds, you really need something with a touch more foam under your feet to catch the waves a lot easier and keep speed on such a slow moving, and unhelpful wave face. This, coupled with the swelling of crowds with warmer water and the generally “busy” season in Byron Bay, makes you always wanting for something with foam, but can still rip a nice cutback when the section does indeed present itself.

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Wombat -

After doing a dozen or so customs of these again over the past 12 or so months, some for customers who had one 15-20 years ago, some for people who rode a mates one and simply had to have their own, to people who were totally fresh to this tried and tested and extremely versatile design, we thought it was about time we had a Wombat Comeback. 

There’s been some smoke and mirrors going around lately about the actual inception of the Fat Arse Wombat, and I’d like to recount the actual story, from the people actually in the trenches, just to clear things up for you, the surfing public! 

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Sambal -

While we never set out to make this new design/shape into a new model, we are super happy with the current iteration and the few design tweaks we have made to the shape since the very first iteration.
I had felt the need for something to handle the beach breaks of the Northern Rivers of NSW over the Winter of ’23. Something that took some of the best parts of our Mid VISH that everyone knows and loves, but update things like rocker, plan shape, fin setup, almost everything! LOL

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vish -

Early 2020. You all remember the hype. Zombie Apocalypse? Work shut-down? Who knew what was coming. We were insanely quiet in the factory, to the point of asking each other, “Well, what do we do now?!” Cue myself instantly thinking of what new board I could have Hutcho shape me, without the stress of pushing other people further down the queue.

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