All our fins are made by a legendary husband and wife combo, Steve and Tracey Herbert, in the Currumbin Valley, Australia. 

All Vouch fins are crafted from 6oz. Volan cloth and feature our special foil. This foil has a blunt leading edge to stiffen the base and front edge of the fin, leaving the trailing edge and tip to be free to flex as the water moves over it. Basically has a tonne of drive but flexes when pushed hard and will twang back as you start coming out of a turn.

All of the Donald Takayama templates are made to the same specs as Donald has used throughout his illustrious career. Minimal flex, great colours and all come with the knowledge that they have been perfected with over 50 years of board making/designing.

Get in touch with us if you're unsure of whether a certain fin will work for what you have in mind: