Fat Arse Wombat

A blast from the past! The classic Fat Arse Wombat that we used to make under the Bear Surfboards label is now back on the menu. Anyone who had one of these boards in the past knows how versatile and easy to ride they are.

Whether it's onshore slop or grinding reef barrels, the Wombat will have you leaving the water feeling stoked. Perfect for someone looking to get back on  shorter board after riding a mal, or someone looking for a great alternative to a keel fin fish. The Fat Arse Wombat is the board that makes high tide fun.

The Fat Arse Wombat was named after the Roy and HG Sydney 2000 Olympics mascot, owing to it's much wider tail block than what was being designed around that time. This wider tail equates to more surface area and a quicker "get up and go" feeling, you won't have to work to gain speed as the board starts planing immediately once on the wave. Coupled with a wider nose, this board is all about paddle power and trim speed, both of which it has in spades. A simple 2 + 1 fin setup with a simple vee in the tail makes the FAW super versatile for any skill level. Can also be utilised as a pure quad fin setup on shorter lengths too, if you're after quicker direction changes and a little more liveliness when on rail.