Howard Special Mini

Donald's progressive short to mid-length Egg shape co-designed with Devon Howard, with a modified rocker for extra trim speed. Rounded pintail, 60/40 rails, and substantial "V" throughout the tail.

The Howard Special Mini is a long time collaboration between Donald and Devon Howard. It is loosely based around Donald’s original tri-fin Egg, but the roll has been taken out of the nose and the rails have been modified to Devon’s specifications.

Designed to be ridden in everything from smaller beachies to pumping overhead reef breaks, the Howard Special Mini is a tried and tested design and one of our favourites here in Ausralia.

Devon had the following to say about the board in his Liquid Salt interview:

I have a 7’2” egg design that Donald Takayama calls the Howard Special Mini.   It’s a low rocker egg with a mid-volumed template. Not speedy, not bulbous like a mini-tanker. It has pinched rails and vee. Can be two-plus-one widowmaker, single or tri, making it super versatile. The perfect board.”

* Now comes with updated rail shape and new 2 + 1 fin setup which Devon rides on all his personal boards.