6'2" Vouch Sambal Quad

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6'2" x 20" x 2 3/8"

-denim tint-

We’ve been toying around with this new design these last few months. Something that is an offshoot of our infamous Mid VISH, and originally started as a more “step-up” slash “beachie friendly” version of the VISH. However, it quickly and succinctly morphed into something completely different, design wise. 
More entry rocker, narrower nose/tail and overall planshape, pulled in tail with bump/watered down wing starting behind the fins creating a release point in the outline when pushing off the back foot. 
As with most of our boards, we wanted to keep the rolled entry in the nose as we know how well it grips the wave face and helps the board climb and drop, effortlessly creating speed in the process. After I had been riding a few different shapes from a close friend, we landed on a slight chine in the nose which would help us keep the rolled rail within the entry, but also incorporating a slight concave in between those chines, helping the water enter and immediately get under the board creating lift for the rider. 
We then see a classic single to double concave starting before the fins, with a predominant vee also starting about 2/3 down the board, with the crown of said vee being right in front of your rear foot, helping the rider to effortlessly control not only rail to rail transitions but also the transition from being on the front foot hammering down the line, to moving weight to your back foot to engage the fins and rail and really lay into your turns. All while knowing you have a nearly infinite amount of hold on tap from a vee bottom, not just sliding around on a concave on top of the water. 


LAYUP: 5oz bottom with fin patch, 1 x 6oz and 1 x 4oz deck.

FINISH: Wet Rub (matte)